Public Service Announcement: Backup now!!!!

This is a timely reminder to make sure all your important stuff is backed up.

I came home this evening to find my D:\ drive missing.
D:\ is home to most of my working production files, Dropbox, Google Drive , and Steam library – most of which can be re-downloaded but it’s a total pain in the ass due to severe lack of NBN.

Upon reboot, there was no sign of life from the drive in the bios.

After an emergency extraction, said drive was put immediately into USB care. The initial prognosis was DOA. However, after some expletive-laden gentle persuasion/bashing with screwdriver, an incredibly unhealthy sounding spindle motor sputtered back to life and is now undergoing emergency data migration  to a new drive with great prejudice.

I am VERY glad I purchased a dual bay dock.











20GB / 2TB safely across. This is going to be a long night.


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