I am awesome at Music, Sound, and Technology

What awesome music do I make?


Saxophone (Soprano & Baritone)

Acoustic Guitar/Bass/Banjo



Electronic Musician

Yamaha WX5



Here is a link to my shitty techno


Stuck on 1st species counterpoint.

What awesome sound stuff do I do?

Production, recording, mixing, examples of which include: Soundcloud2 (<— make 2nd soundcloud of not embarrassing stuff)

Link to my not-so-shitty soundcloud

How great am I with Technology?

I am awesome with a soldering iron and have dabbled in electronics design

I made a MIDI controller from scratch using an Arduino and piezo elements – taught myself C++. I called it the Xylino. One day I will blog about it.

I am ROOT. (Ubuntu server – small office network)

I also make sweet rollercoasters.

Links be here:

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