(aka Rick Reeves) is jack-of-all trades, up-and-coming creative industry professional who enjoys music, electronics, IT, who feels incredibly awkward talking about himself in the third person.

Flect is a multi-instrumentalist with over 20 years experience playing saxophone, banjo, guitar, bass, piano, drums and melodic percussion.

Starting with keyboard at the age of 8, Flect was told by his grandmother that “if you learn piano you can play anything” and took it literally, quickly starting on tenor saxophone at age 9. At 11 he started on drums and melodic percussion, and the same year joined the Gold Coast Youth Orchestra, where he would spend the next 7 years playing in their Wind Ensemble and Big Band.

At age 13 he realised he may not survive a sports-centric high school playing saxophone, so he took up bass and acoustic guitar and formed a rock covers band as a social defence.  For some reason he thought banjo was a good idea, so started playing that at age 14. By 15, Flect had added flute, clarinet and bassoon to his arsenal.

At this point, he had outgrown his sports excellence school and moved on to greener pastures to a school with a music extension performance program.  It was here that Flect got his first taste of Audio Technology, and started Certificate II in Arts while at school, working with the Gold Coast Arts Centre with their sound and lighting departments on such productions as Annie, Joseph and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat, Les Miserables, Jesus Christ Superstar, and also operating the sound/lighting for the comedy club.  It was at the same time he had his first experience with band recording in his high school’s recording studio, starring a DIGI-001!

When he realised there was a way to combine his love of music with love of electronics and computers, he decided to pursue it and started B. Music – Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. This didn’t work out as expected, so he transferred to B. Popular Music at Griffith University. At this point, life decided to throw a few curve-balls directly at his head, so Flect spent several years proverbially wandering the desert and eventually found his way to Melbourne where he was delighted to find everything he’d always wanted in a neatly ordered grid arrangement.

In spite of constantly telling himself that all electronic music was the antichrist, he discovered the Melbourne underground club scene back in 2005 and fell in love with some really amazing local producers and has aspired ever since to do live instrumental electronica.

[SCENE MISSING]… Flect awoke several years later to find himself working a mind numbingly boring 9-5 office job as a systems administrator and wondered why he was so miserable all the time. In 2011, he found a slightly less depressing job as an electronics technician for Razer and Akai Australia but was still ultimately unsatisfied.

In 2012 he finally snapped and decided to go back to doing what he loves, and so went back to school and has recently completed his Bachelor of Audio degree with SAE – Melbourne.

Now, freelancing as a live sound engineer and solo artist, the future is looking bright indeed.